#0 – Welcome Back

August 27, 2017

EDIT: This post is originally on my old blog, hence it references the old blog. If you want to read cringy writings of the young adult me, go here.

It has been 5 years and a lot of has happened in life. Yet, I seems to only remember bad things that occurred in the past year. Those are mainly my father's death and Donald Trump presidency, which happens within months of each other. Somehow everything went in a blur and on a whim I just decide to force myself to write.

From now on, I decided to write thoughts on events and random stuff, and I have some projects that I will write whenever I have some progress on it. These writings will be more personal and short, and it will be labeled as CR's Log. I hope that I can write a long-form article that worth some kind of publication, but honestly, I'm half given up on that.

Meanwhile, have this two drafts that sitting down gathering virtual dust and mold in this unknown corner of the internet. PLUS COMMENTARY!

Continues here.