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Experimental Things


SigCap screenshot

SigCap is an Android app that simultaneously collects phone's GPS data as well as cellular and Wi-Fi information using only the Android API, without requiring root access on the device.

On each modifiable interval, it collects latitude and longitude data, along with cellular information (e.g., 4G channels' PCI, EARFCN, RSRP, RSRQ; 5G channels' RSRP and RSRP) and Wi-Fi information (e.g., channel number, frequency, bandwidth, RSSI). It also collects sensor data (under development) such as temperature and battery status.

SigCap provides device side measurements and can be easily extracted using The Map Project.

Link to download SigCap. Please use this citation if you use SigCap in your research publication:

V. Sathya, M. I. Rochman, and M. Ghosh, "Measurement-Based Coexistence Studies of LAA & Wi-Fi Deployments in Chicago," in Wireless Communications 28 (1), pp. 136-143, 2020.

The Map Project

The Map Project provides tools to process SigCap and FCC Speed Test data. It can creates RSRP/RSSI heatmap using SigCap data, along with markers displaying FCC ST results (DL/UL throughput, latency).

Projects built using The Map Project: